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520 John Deere and the Circus
Dads Farmall M
Grandpas Accident
Sweet dreams to a living nightmare
Our Farmall F12
Good News
Grandpa's F20
Great Great Grandpa's Case SC
Gift or Curse 480 B
The good old days
Got it Back
Was the Nite Before Christmas
Shaw Do All
Why 9-year-old girls cant drive tractors.
Trying to find dads 560
Old Tractors and the Love of Them
Oil filter failure
John Deere H Resurrection
Super C Comes Home
What Id give for just a day
Christine Farmall 806 - Got Her at Last
IH656 Fire
Tractor in the Pond
Memories of my Grandfather
An Introduction
Why Tractors?
Remembering custom baling
My Place to Remember
My 1951 Ferguson TO-30.
Allis Chalmers Farming Memories
Tractors and automoblies for me
PL story
Graham Bradley and Bees
Early Memories - 450 LP
Old John deere
It Started with a 1939 Case V
Long Summer Days
Great Grandpa 48 John Deere A
1947 Allis Chalmers WC
WAMOGO FFA Tractor Restoration Team
Farmall Super C Restoration
Popeye the Ford 600
Judds John Deere H
Next generation
Bringing an 8N back to life
Our American Ford Tractor Heritage
Childhood Memories
Fresno moving dirt Causey N,M,
Plowing Goof
Me and the WD
Back to Basics
Mowett Mustang
Its Good To Be a Country Boy
Farmalls & Groundhogs
An A John Deere and a Dixie Flyer Bicycle
Runaway Ford
.20 cents a pound
New old toy miniture steam engine
Check Your Coolant
The Hopping Baling Press
Truckin tobacco
The Rusty Ole Throne
Air force H
Dual Purpose
Dont Always Assume Its The Carburetor
Just in Case
Dads 2N/8N
Oh beloved tractors
Getting my first tractor
McCormick-Deering Industrial Tractors
Grandpa 1958 Farmall 450
The old M
OC3 Oliver seat
Cold trip Home
Getting 2 tractors stuck
The Debate
Bagging Peanuts
Me and the Old Farmall
1951 John Deere Restoration
My dads H
Mother Hen Syndrome.
The Goose Chase
Its time To Let Go
Rollover Intersection
Best Christmas present ever...
Cotton Clothes
Memories of Childhood
Bing 2 today/ I ditched the Jeep
The missing MM R
50 cents
Hey Dad, Can I Borrow The Super M ?
Some of my interesting collection
Rummage Sale surprise
The Little Red Combine
The Runaway Cotton Picker
The day I got runned over
Tales from Growing up on a small farm, Dad and the Calf
Dad Bought a John Deere
Plowing with Mules
Legacy of the Family Farm and The Barn
1936 Farmall F-20
How it began for me...Red Fever
early Experiences with machinery,
1930 Toro
It Had to Happen
The Memorys live on.
Heart and Soul /41 FORD
The Other Color Green
Running over the kids with a JD
New tractor purchase
Dad learned to milk with a tractor
Then Bent Wagon Tongue
W-9 out to Pasture
Pulling Stumps
Bad day at Dan Pike Auction Co.
Tractor Buying Adventure
The green B and the Red C.
Looking for Great Grandpas John Deere
The Farmall
My Dads Tractor
John Deere owner pride
Trader Frader
Tractors bad rope and trees dont mix
F 12 Farmall
Stuck tractors
Our Farmall A tractor
Mystery water
Terra Trac information?
Family Legacy
My Tractor and its Sickle
Farmall 560
Hercules Horse Powered Stump Puller
Hobby, Habit, or Disease
Eulogy for Dad
My Case 310 and Mr. Jules
Shifty Boys
Look Dad, I Fixed It
Smoke house bluses
Them Good Ol Days
combine crazy
I Ditched Dads DoAll Tractor
Farming and guns
How I Fell In Love With Farmall Tractors
Case History
Trail of a tractor
A Bad Auction Company
Minneapolis Moline Z
Ih 806 Ole smokey
First Love
John Deere M
How I Became a Tractor Fan
Chasing the Cat
Dads Golden Jubilee
247[or 246] John deere planter
Never seen a 1066 do wheelies like that
Being Safe,
My first tractor
1943 Farmall H
Trailer Surfing
Grahm Bradley Tractors
Franks First Drive
The Ford 7700
Patience is a Virtue
The John Deere B
New Threshing Machine
Fordson Major
Lookin back
Hoping To Make A Wish Come True
Bringing an Old Workhouse out of Retirement
Surprise, Surprise
Case LA
D15II Done in by MOUSE
Dont Drive a Dozer in Deep Mud
Stuck Combine
Starting Early.......
Way Back When
Dont mess with things
Dented T0-35
Massey Driving,
Field work,
Lawn Mower foible,s?
Being Careful With Machinery,
He said it wouldnt start.
The ghost
water down exaust
Brother did it
A Good Time to Skate
Testing for Calcium in Tires
Jims Sale
John Deere 40
Be careful
I Got Her in Low
Growing Up in Downtown Sango
Remembering Titan & Mogul
The 1941 L
The Chalmers and the cowboy boots
Trader Frader 4260 OUCH
B is for beast
1963 Ford 2000 4 cylinder gas
What a Blessn
WD 45 - Thanks Grandpa
Back Then
The 7020 and the 7 Bottom Plow
Too Much, Way Too Much
My Old Uni
Stan and the Minni Mo
Dont Let City People Mow Your Hay
Deere Friends
Stay Off the Ice
Paps Farm
Origional Pulling Contest
Building Farmall Tractors
Ford 850
Farm Engineer
Dual Purpose Tractor
The Fera Flora Plant
My Tractor is in a Tree
Can I move it?
Unexpected Benefit
International or John Deere
Not Old, But New and Small
Good-bye Old Friend
Risky Business
What Luck a Man Has Sometimes
Dad's Old Red Case Leaving the Farm
The Allis vs. the Elephant
Dads Old 41 A Finally Takes a Road Trip
Bringing Old Iron Back From the Dead
William McKinnon, Wagonmaker
Puttin on a show for the kid
Rebulding Hs
Oliver 1600 runaway
Original Owner
My John Deere B
Patience Pays Off
The Disease
One Ugly Oliver
The Tractor on Stilts
Mighty Mouse (A Ford Story)
Ann Arbor baler
Ouch That Hurt
Country Living
Johnnys ressurection
Tractor Island
Oliver Versus a John
Younger Years II
My collection of tractors
Young One Bleeding Green
Searching for Granddads Tractor
Run-a-way 4020 JD
A John Deere and the Wire Gap
John Deere Accident
Old John Deere song
My First Tractor
Keep on a going; the story of my Murray
Snow Auction
Lawn Sale
How tough is my Tractor
I love this farm
Its not just a tractor
Steel wheels do not float
Learning to drive a foot clutch tractor
the feedlot
This is realy TRUE
The 1086 International
John deere 56 riding mower
My 1054 Bolens Husky, Sue
the love of old iron
Uncle Robs Tractor
Twin Case 470s
The Man That Made My Life
My auction adventure
The Wooden Cylinder Head
rememberance day
family 730 back home
working G
What is it?
Moms scare
My Favorite Pulling Tractor
Lucky guy
The Graveyard Rescue
Wear Eye Protection When Working on Tractors
Dangerous MF Ride
Miss Gee to the rescue
Project Cub Cadet 100
F-20 Running (But Stupid Mistake)
Farmall 400 - How To Get It Stuck
Younger Years
Catch the Tractor
1970 Sears Suburban 12
They dont make em like they used ta
Cub had more power than I thought
One day down on the Farm
Farmall H Power Stand
Daddy Broke the Tractor
Farmals Start Real Easy
Dorsey Stump Puller
Black Smoke
That Darn Farmall H
My first John Deere
Over We go
The Moline Super 670 Diesel
Generations of Fords
Two Bad Luck Fords
My Beautiful Tractor
Younger Brother and the Farmall C
Dumb Things We Do
Smell the hay
Remebering Green....Yesterday
Cub loboy - low power
Cat Train
Brad's Toy
case heads
My Old M Farmall
John Deere 40
You Never Forget
I got what I really wanted for X-Mas
My Old W-4 International Tractor
Plowing Exibition
For Our Son
David Was Lucky
Grandpas Teaching Lessons
Tractor Tooth Pull
Town That Moved
Stolen Tractor
Grandpas JD-B Home Again
Proud Owner
The Wave,
The Real TC-12
The Forgotten Tractor
The Tractor Story
Huge Tractor
Learning to Drive the Tractor
Careful What You Ask For
Dream Come True
Reason for a Career Change
Tractor Fixed Itself?
Thats My Girl
Stolen Cletrac E-62 Model
IHC 660 Farming Wheatland
Bought Jubliee from Old Farmer, What a Salesman
I Have My Dad's First & Second Fergy
My First Day on a Deere
First Tractor
Little John
Who Was He?
Fergys Can Bite
The First Time
How Many People Have Been Run Over?
My Farmall A
A Two Man Job
It is a fact. . . . my Dad. . . .
Old Crawler
My Life
First Pull
Farm Days of Old
Ol Tractors Got Soul
Roger's Right--They DO choose You
The First Hayfield
First Time I Drove a Tractor by Myself
Farmall F-12 & Allis Chalmers U
Times Up Tractor Boy. . . . . . .
Looking for a WC Allis Chalmers
Gotta find me a John Deere B
My First Tractor
Saving a Centaur
Baling Through College
Farming - The Good Life
10-20 Memories
Odd Farmall A
The Big M
My truck story
Funny Story - Raking Hay
Its Mine Now
Plowing Contest
Gang Plowin'
Farmall Tractors
Farmall Bad Day
The Ford Disaster
Horse Power and Weight for Farming
Attack of the Pine Tree
A Tractor Story
Coming Home
Dad's Minneapolis Moline R
Allis Chalmers CA Split/Engine Change
It Can't Be Done
The Windup Watch
About my John Deere 56
Grandpas Super M
Dads Tractor 400 Farmall Time
Farmall -vs- Deere
How Ya Gonna Keep Em Down on the Farm?
Not Alone In Restoration
Spreadin the Bull
TO 20. . . Runs Without Rotor Bug
Getting Stuck With a 8N Ford
Johnathans Story of Survival
Hay Sweep
Planting Trees
Night Mowing
The Love of Tractors
Freddi the Italian Tractor
Propane Poppin Johnnies
Grandpaps Tear
The Runaway Gravely
Leroi Has Butterfiles
Missing Dad
I Couldnt Believe It
Selling a Gravely
John Deere MT
That Time Granddaddy Got His Arm Hurt (As told to me by John R Livingston, Bexar County, Texas)
Raking Hay with Daddy
Manuals and Some Grand-fatherly Help
Esmeraldas Story
Slue Hay and the 9N
How I Came About My 53 Ford Jubilee
Getting a Gravely 818T Home
Powr Pup
Gravely Blues
Johnny Popper
Case VAC or Not
A Memorial to David
Allis Gremlin Hyjinks
Growing Up With Tractors, Part 2
Growing Up With Tractors
Tractors, Tractors Everywhere
The Journey Begins
My Old Best Freind
Thank You Daddy
Why You Don't Pull in 4th Gear
In a Bind
My Love for 8Ns and Ford Tractors
A Boy, His Granddaddy, and an Ol Cub Tractor
41 Farmall H
So Scary
She Just Didnt Know What To Do
Remember the story about the monkey with his fist caught in the jar?
Plowing With the Neighbors in the Early 70s
Dad's Birthday
Farming experiences of a hired hand
Single Wheeled Cub Gossip
Wish I still had em
The Balancing Act
A tractor striped of its glory.
Rather large collection
Collecting Tractors
This is Farmall Country
The old Fordson
The Life of a John Deere
J. D. s next door
1952 Model A Tractor
Hot Rod 101
Experimental M Farmall
1971 1070 Case
Home-made Bursitis
Looking for a Family Tractor
Unusual 8N Buy
How Slow Can Your Tractor Go??
All In The Family
Tigers Live On
Dads Modified M-H 44
Grandpa's Case VA
Not So Super 88
PULLDOG the Lil 70
Dale's Ole B
Can a tire be cursed? (Or how to curse a tire)
The Toy the Boy Always Wanted
All My Tractors
Plowing in North Dakota
Super 44 Massey
Ten Feet Tall
Purchase of a Fordson Major Diesel
My Uncle and the G
Glenn the Partsman
A Tractor Named Allis
Unloading On a Highway Ditch Bank
Unloading my MC
How To Stop an Allis
Our First Tractor
I Love Tractors
Plowing Again
So Long Dad.
I Found My Grandfather
I have found my Cub
Le Roi Crawler Tractor
Waiting for an 8N
A Great NAA Story (Continued)
A Great NAA Story
Lazarus Rises Again
Whats your Case?
The F12
Case 222
My Favorite Tractors
Old Tractors - New Friends
The First Tractor
Atta Girl
Farm Power at Peters Farms
First Come - First Served
Looking Straight Ahead
My Grandfathers Tractor
Tractor Colors - A Few Observations
Flipped F-20
City Boy and Massey Harris Computers
Near Disaster
Three Transmissions in 100 Hours
Dexta Power
My Dad Worked for Minneapolis Moline
Fast Ride Down
John Deere B and Dad
For The Love Of Case
A Tale of How a Grandson and Grandfather Start Antique Tractor Pulling.
My F12
Dixie and the Cub
Riding with Grandpop
Harvey and Allis
My Avery A
Bringing Back Family History
My Own Farmall Stories
Grandpa's Old McCormick International
Watch Where You Are Going
Its Down Where?
Close To Home
Pulling the Bull
Tales of Two Tractors
Hornets in the Tractor
Buying Bad Luck
GettingtThe Tractor Home II
Where is my 1950 Ford 8N?
Can't Take the Farm Outta the Boy
Back Home
Passing It On
Case SC & VAC Memories
Coming Home
Too Young to Know
Ol Hennert Horse, The Wedding Gift
Temper, Temper
Keeping It in the Family
A 1964 Einspahr Nicknamed Fred
True Home
My Toy
Snow Removal
Strange Pay Load
Good as New
Just Ask
Way of My Zetor 25 A in Finland
Life Time Of Tractors
Warm Spring Evening
Johnny saves the day
Ariens beats Blizzard of 93
John Deere 50
A D-17 with a D-19 motor
1947 Silver King
Old Tractors
Restoration of an Allis Chalmers B
Collectors Interest Renewed in Old Tractors
Farmall Purchase
Restoring a 1931 Model D John Deere
Garys Projects
The Rules for Slow Races With Tractors
Ed Wiest Shares His Hobby
John Deere LA
John Deere G
Getting Those Old Tractors Home

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